9-day tour in Bosnia and Croatia

7–15 June 2019 | bosnia & herzegovina and Croatia

Educate and balance yourself with the power of Qi-Yo. Discover the energy of Mother Nature.

During our relaxing and educational trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia, you will revel in the power of pyramids, tunnels, healing chambers, hot mineral springs, local food and spring water in Bosnia, as well as beaches, islands, waterfalls, and the city of Split in Croatia. On our tour we will enjoy ancient sites, beautiful islands, and daily Qi-Yo practice, with access to two experienced teachers ready to share Qi-Yo techniques and introductions to the places we will visit.

Qi-Yo is a Multiversal approach that integrates Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai-chi, shamanic Balinese healing, and other holistic modalities to unleash personal transformation and foster creative expression. An education in the various wisdom traditions empowers every soul to set itself free from restrictive societal norms and limitations, to live up to its highest potential. Multiversal Yoga offers a practical spiritual toolkit that allows you to connect the dots between the natural, the human, and the divine – giving you the freedom to combine personal experience, practice, and growth into a new you.   




  • 7 June. Arrive at Sarajevo airport. Check in

  • 8 June. Hot springs > Bosnia’s ancient pyramids > Bosnian mosques

  • 9 June. Ancient pyramids and tunnel in Bosnia > Old Town in Sarajevo > Local market in Sarajevo

  • 10 June. Bosnia > Transfer to Split

  • 11 June. Visit Krka National Park and waterfall

  • 12 June. Island of Brač

  • 13 June. Visit Zadar in Croatia > Tesla’s Birthplace Museum in Smiljan

  • 14 June. Blue Cave and Hvar island > by boat

  • 15 June. Check out. Fly out from Split airport.


  • Qi-Yo Qi Gong, warm up and form

  • Qi-Yo Pranayama sequence

  • Walking meditation and healing practices among the pyramids

  • Concentration and visualization techniques

  • Qi-Yo protection techniques

  • Qi-Yo chakra healing modalities

  • Mantras, chanting, and music

  • Relaxation techniques.


Tour fee:

  • Full: USD2690 / HKD21000 / EUR2360

  • Discount: USD2400 / HKD19000 / EUR2100 (if paid before 1 March 2019)


  • Accommodations for 9 days, 8 nights (shared room)

  • Breakfast, dinner, and entry fees (as per itinerary)

  • Gratuities to drivers/porters; local transportation

Not included:

  • Airfare, transfer to/from airport, taxes/insurance/visa/lunch

Pyramid tour Bosnia & Croatia
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