Reflections On the Qi-Yo Multiversal Training in Bosnia

In 2017 I was brought to the Visoko pyramid complex, deep inside Bosnia, by my dear friend – ritual master and urban shaman Johan Herder. The energy there was on par with the pyramids in Peru, Egypt, and Mexico. Visiting the site, made up of two pyramid hills, a tunnel, and a medicine wheel, I felt a strong urge to create a special training drawing on the natural power of the energy vortices and ley lines there.


It had started a while back. While conducting another training in Mexico, I had a prophetic dream that would lead me, eventually, to Bosnia. I dreamed I was flying over two hills topped by pyramids. From above the place looked like an ancient city, somehow primordial. I sat at the very tip of the pyramid, like a hawk viewing the village from a high perch. Just before I woke up, a voice whispered: “The pyramids choose those who set foot there – to challenge and to heal.”

And so they did. When I gathered the students for the training, the challenges poured in. While driving to the place we got stuck on the road and had to literally lift our car over a fence. Some students’ flights were canceled. Others were prevented from coming in one way or another. There was clearly a lot of resistance at first – as if the people who were meant to come were being filtered and initiated prior to the training.

When I arrived on the site, I immediately felt at home. After all, I had already experienced this view in my dream. The hills, the pyramids, the foot of the mountain, the entire complex – they were all energetically situated in a zone that had seemingly sidestepped time, giving us access to alternate dimensions and realms. It was as if a star gate had attuned everyone’s individual frequency, yet was vibrating with a universal pitch. 

The vibratory coherence hit from day one. We trained all day, immersed in Qi-Yo, yoga, meditation, ritual healing, sound baths, and dream interpretation. Students had vivid dreams full of insight and guidance. We forged new relationships and heart-stormed new ideas. We honored the ancient soil, drank water form a spring, ate the local food, moved on patterns of sacred geometric symbols and signs. We danced and chanted for unity and peace. Everyone was growing in power. Our love grew stronger. 


The group practices amplified each individual’s energy. We were living and celebrating our true calling: shedding masks, eradicating bad habits, and finding our divine embodiment – here and now. 

As the group’s power rose day by day, and the students felt healed and purged by the collective kinetic and meditative practices, I felt elated. Everyone was experiencing a release of long-extant blockages.

It suddenly dawned on me that the pyramids were crystalline chambers of ancient vibration, that human bodies and voices amplified their resonance and broadcasting power. Yet, in order to harness that primordial energy you have to practice as a tribe, where everyone becomes a mirror of the other in order to unveil each person’s true self. To me, as an esoteric scholar and disciple of Helena Blavatsky, this was The Secret Doctrine, the seminal work of esoteric science – in effect!


I realized that the natural geomantic force of the area, rich with mountain crystals, transforms the pyramid into a stellar device, an energetic reflector. It amplifies the energy you send into it. If you send fear and worry, it duplicates it to teach you a lesson. If you output love and devotion, it empowers you to rectify your mistakes and be the best version of yourself.

It was a portal to a higher consciousness that allowed us to switch wavelengths and experience a profound transformation. It was like quantum leap, where you don’t need to travel astrally to Sirius or Orion; you can dive within and journey from there.

The natural vortex of the site activates personal frequencies, bringing them into a resonance with all of creation. There was so much primordial unity and mutual love at the end! We harnessed this energy to heal the people of the village. The kind bosom of the hills had a motherly feel, as if we were being cradled with kindness and love, our child within re-kindled. 

Sites exhibiting powerful energy are transformation portals that help us evoke and evince our highest potential. Over the last few years, Qi-Yo Multiversal Travel has become a sign post in the quest for spirituality around the world, leading trips to ancient sites and power vortices, while offering an educating in the spiritual sciences, helping people improve their personal practice and power.

I call them revelation sites that empower us to rise to our vastness, to live out the true promise of our potential.

Agung Sangha

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