A Shift in Perception


I focus on our current collective reality from the point of view of the different layers of consciousness. I explore how the collective reality mirrors the life we experience via our identities. This symbolic mirror challenges mankind more than ever to create a shift in the way it perceives itself.

If we are to create new values for ourselves and all else that lives on our beautiful planet earth we will need this shift in perception. During this process every individual has to be willing to face and journey through his or her primal fears and traumas. This will indeed be an enormous challenge considering that every being exercises complete control over his/her feelings from their traumatized state of mind. One could say that we are masters in suppressing our feelings or even turn them off as we tend to surrender to our survival mechanisms that we use as strategies to keep us from facing our traumatic state of mind. This, however, causes even greater trauma in a reality in which the collective lie reigns.

Trauma can create a disconnect, a shift, in which our normal or higher consciousness is replaced by, what could be called, an alternative personality by whom the trauma is held on to and carried on. Because our primal memories have been erased and our empathy severely suppressed, humans are and become very susceptible to mind control.

Despite the fact that more and more people are becoming more conscious and tend to heal and confront themselves with their shadow selves, the majority still remains, consciously or unconsciously, in denial. This, indeed, has also to do with the convictions people carry inside regarding duality and responsibility, as we tend to find it so extremely difficult to confront ourselves and take responsibility for everything we manifest. In order for us to take responsibility for ourselves we are challenged to redefine who we are and to reinterpret what happened to us in our lives in the first place.

The challenge we all face lies precisely in that part that we keep hidden from each other – in our shadow selves. What is the true value of this part? Is there any value to be found in the part of ourselves that we tend/want to hide, bury, even carry hatred towards, feel furious about, feel completely powerless against? In that part we lock up and then throw away the key, that part we feel mortally ashamed of, that part of which we speak with a convincing inner voice:

“I will take you to my grave”?

People tend to want to let go of this part of themselves – as a karmic lesson – so they can then rise up into higher dimensions. Yet perhaps it means, as whole beings, that healing and letting go of our shadow selves does not mean one converts to light and love. Perhaps we are more than ever challenged to find the balance and value of our oneness by looking deeper into the realms and meaning of our dark side.


After all, are our fears and our shadow selves to be released and let go of or are they to be examined, analyzed, integrated and to be embraced with compassion? What is the definition of Light? And what is the definition of Darkness? And what about Love? And is it possible that we are challenged more than ever to observe this process of awakening in reverse?

What makes us unique as conscious beings? Are social, societal or scientific roles to define us?

Perhaps every second of our own creation and manifestation here on earth, in which we have investigated the value of existence in the deepest layers of our being, are what make us unique, powerful, and autonomous beings.

During my consultations, the focus will be on trauma in the context of identity and sexuality. Everyone will be challenged to both observe themselves as well as the collective from a novel perspective.  

Miriam Kaddouri is a motivational speaker and transformational coach.

Miriam Kaddouri