Living Together & Practicing Qi-Yo | Between the Pyramids


Last month, Qi-Yo Yoga program participants got to enjoy the energies in and around the small town of Visoko. In 2005, Dr. Semir Osmanagic discovered that several hills in the Valley of Visoko were not just hills, but pyramids. So far, there are still many questions to be answered regarding these controversial discoveries, as they challenge history as we know it, for they contradict everything we have been taught about the history of the Egyptian pyramids. Apparently, these Bosnian Pyramids, known as the Sun, Moon, Love, and Dragon, all share a high frequency, which makes Visoko an interesting place to work with energy.

It was an interesting experience to live in a house located between the Sun and Moon pyramids, for one month, knowing that being or living close to other pyramids in the world is not possible and prohibited. So, practising our Qi-Yo form every morning, with the Sun pyramid in our backyard, was a unique and transforming experience.

There came together a beautiful group to follow the teacher training. While living together for one month you create a little home away from home with a nice mixture of many nationalities, ages, and professions. Sharing local food, like ayvar and burek, and having great conversations widens your perspective on the world. This is a beautiful contribution to the teacher training. Through this the line between teacher and student fades, which fits completely within the multiversal yoga concept. In a sense, we are all each other’s teachers. Everyone has something to share and to contribute, and together there is abundance. Participants who found it hard to speak/teach in front of a group could make huge progress in this safe environment and are even teaching back home now – something that they did not expected at all.

Living together is something that is not usual anymore in Western countries. It can be out of someones comfort zone as we all mirror each other with our differences, convictions and believe systems. Instead of projecting these convictions and believe systems onto each other, it is more interesting to connect and explore inside yourself why something triggered you. Which deeper layer is touched, and why? Through this you can recognize it and allow it to flow. A habit of someone becomes in this way a tool or concept to get to know yourself better.  

I experienced the same with the pyramids and the tunnels. I found their presence to be powerful concepts to trigger something inside myself. What I found impressive was the attitude of the locals in Visoko. Even though they went through an intense war just a few years ago, they were so open and welcoming. Driving through Bosnia I experienced the atmosphere in multiple cities, and the tension of war was often still present. This was different in Visoko. Even though the bullet holes were still visible, the vibe was different compared to other cities. Even the street dogs in Visoko seemed to be more welcoming than street dogs elsewhere.

During this month, practicing Qi-Yo and living together amongst the pyramids, we all experienced a transforming journey that still resonates back home. And even though I am excited to go back to Visoko again with our Qi-Yo program, it makes me happy to realize that, in the end, the place and the people I have encountered are merely triggers in the process of expanding my own awareness.

Thank you, Visoko! 😊

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Frederike Menage

Frederike Menage