“Qi-Yo” Multiversity on Wheels

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I have always shied away from the mainstream. Being stuck in the habitual patterns of should and shoudn’t kept me in denial as a child. Until one day I snapped. I realized I was not a conformist. I had to relinquish my plans, my relationships, my obligations, even the notion of myself. Losing myself, I started to find the true me.

I could no longer stay in the city I was born. I needed freedom. So I fled my surroundings, my country, immigrating to another country, and another country, until I realized again that being hooked to just one place, and restricted by the every day routine stifled me. So I undertook a bold move. From a sedentary yogi, I became a neo nomad. As a Yoga master with over 40 years of experience I had students along the path, ready to follow me. Instead of inviting them to study in my center, I offered them a University on Wheels.

I gathered all the knowledge, experience, research and investigation into esoteric traditions and spiritual science into the Qi-Yo Multiversity on Wheels and began to travel. More knowledge flooded. Deeper insight, shamanic mysteries, divine revelations gathered through anthropological expeditions and spiritual travel followed. I was growing the esoteric library from within, nurturing my inner nature, and serendipitously touching the lives of those who crossed my path.

We are all works in progress. If we station ourselves in the same beliefs and conform to the same status quo, we rob our intrinsic nature from its true brilliance. Uprooting ourselves from our homes, our expectations and our demons, we are free to be; free to express ourselves and free to share our starry wisdom with likeminded beings.


No wonder there is a Renaissance in neo Nomadism today That is because people don’t wont to be bound by norms, rules, regulations, restrictions, borders and boundaries. They want to experience the totality of their own being – unleashed and wild; pristine and authentic.

My Qi-Yo Multiversity offers that unique experience to travel spiritually, to learn about diverse wisdom traditions and to experience them on site. Conducting teacher training programs on power sites is astounding, and cathartic. Students are stirred out of their wits. They are shaken, purged, and transformed.

We, as urban nomads have the right to leave our box, to relinquish our limited notion of belonging and self, and to usher into a space of quintessential belonging and pertinence to all.  I call it radical inclusivity. We have the right to work and live beyond borders. We are remapping the world’s atlas here and now. It is our dedicated work and pure intentions to invite others on the inner pilgrimage to soul.

Only when we weed out the unnecessary restrictions, can we feel our divine presence from within. Qi-Yo Multiversity on wheels gives all people the liberty to play, educate, and exchange ideas, realities and visions about self and other. Creating that virtual tribe we extend a rainbow bridge to all cultures, to all traditions, to all races and ethnicities – celebrating unity in plurality on all levels and within our cells.

Yes, neoNomadism is a cellular reboot. We defy the gravity of our cells, and raise our collective awareness into the levity of multiple identities. That is when we exit the comfort zone and we face the inconvenient truths about our selves. That is when all the challenges scattered on our way become opportunities for inner growth. That is when all stumbling blocks turn into stepping stones for ascension and expanded consciousness.

The Qi-Yo Multiversal Tribe is a raving movement of seekers, artists, visionaries, scholars and teachers that invites all on a quest for the self. Immersing oneself into the indigenous cultures from across the globe, you are exposed to an ever enriching library of knowledge and experience, never confined by your frame of mind, never restricted in your visions, never inhibited in your relationships.

Join the Qi-Yo Multiversity ride. The goal is your self. The path is uncharted. Your mind will relinquish the judgments. Your soul will intuit the course. Your spirit will steer your wheel. Are you ready to come on board?

Agung Sangha

Agung Sangha