10 day retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand


22–31 Jan 2019 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

Educate and balance yourself with the power of Qi-Yo. Learn awareness, experience relaxation.

Surrounded by more than 300 Buddhist temples and national parks – like Doi Inthanon, which includes the highest mountain in Thailand, our first retreat in 2019 will be hosted in Chiang Mai. Northern Thailand, bordering Laos and Myanmar (Burma), is known for its thickly forested mountains, inhabited by several hill tribes, each with its own language and culture. Chiang Mai is the northern capital of Thailand. In the historic walled city, there are dozens of sparkling golden temples which you can explore to learn about the importance of Buddhism in Thailand culture. There's an energy in the city that captivates those who visit, whether they seek a trekking adventure or a spiritual awakening as they travel from temple to temple. Visit also bustling night markets, snack on delicious street food and the traditional Thai Massage. During this retreat there is a possibility to accumulate a 50-hour Teacher Training Certificate issued by Qi-Yo Multiversal.

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