Submitted by: Yara Libra, the Qi-Yo appelscha experience


Decided to go out for a while, into the nature to listen and feel...

I looked at the sky, saw the birds fly and hearing them sing so pure and beautiful... it made me fell in love, it made me stronger already. I felt the soft breeze of the wind, pushing me forward to new things and never let go. The sun told me to stay positive, and lighted me up more and more. Sitting next to the sparkling blue water, cooling down my feed and washing my doubts away. How powerful, what nature tells you when you only listen...

It was a beautiful sunny day; the skies were as blue as the heavenly morning glory flower. It reflected into the water that just washed my doubts away. A few white clouds that looked like animals and happy faces. I went back home with a thankful and loving feeling, stepped into my garden and found the delicious smell of lavender in the summer breeze... Packed my bags, brought fresh vegetables from the garden so everyone can taste the real taste of nature. So beautiful and colourful, the perfect smells of the perfect fresh picked vegetables.

On my way to the Qi-Yo teacher training, I was wondering: How is it possible, so many colours, shapes and creatures.. with all different possibilities and feelings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect with all of it again and having the power to heal the world, to heal each other, ourselves? Being one with all our different talents, sharing.. loving.


In my mind, a voice kept saying:

“Hand in hand, the pure connection that we feel. 
We light up, send light to all the living.
Helping us to remember, the nature which can heal”.


Qi-Yo, 2 weekends in a beautiful old farm. Surrounded by beautiful loving people, animals, flowers... next to the forest, it was like magic. For me the world was like an endless storm sometimes, chasing a mystery. But suddenly, the endless storm was gone, No longer I was chasing a mystery. It was all so real, the love that I felt was intense and all the energies were so close... could feel it, touch it.

The first days I felt fragile because of a thousand different feelings... Feelings I've felt before only now they became more real, stronger. I’ve felt clumsy, sad, angry... My concentration was terrible and my thoughts like turbid waters without an end. What will happen, where does it stop? As the days passed, I started to understand.

The movements and the energy’s, they were my teachers... Reflecting. I needed to go inside of the deep waters, feel every feeling... let it all happen, accept every feeling and embrace them with all the love, there is so much to give and to receive. Suddenly, the turbid waters became clear. The most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen.

Yara Libra