What is Qi-Yo?
A psycho-physical system that helps people to improve their lives through practice, and to plug into the world's spiritual heritage, from the time of the ancients to the present day. Qi-Yo uses Chinese and Indian yogic science as well as other methods that guide 21st-century people in broadening their consciousness.

Qi-Yo offers an open-source system that is a synthesis of extant spiritual traditions, presenting a broad view of esoteric knowledge. We conduct classes and teacher trainings, lead trips, and encourage the creation of holistic centers worldwide.

Who is Qi-Yo?
Qi-Yo was created when Swami Agung and Antoni Katrandjieva were assigned the mission of contemporizing ancient spiritual traditions by a Balinese master. In 1996 they began creating the method, and continued to perfect the method in the US from 2002 on. Swami Agung continued to hone the system in his travels to Switzerland, crystallizing its essence through much practice and trial and error. In 2011, after years of incubation, Qi-Yoga Multi-Yoga system debuted, led by Swami Agung.

Why and where you travel?
Qi-Yo Travel offers modern-day pilgrimages for all seekers via all paths.

We offer life-altering guided tours to specially selected sacred sites known for their strong natural and spiritual potential, their geomantic power and psychic force. The exploration of these sacred places lets travelers tap into the vibrant cultural, artistic, and spiritual heritage of a region to expedite personal growth.

Following the example of the Archarias, the constant travelers of the Upanishads, we seek to find ourselves by traveling the world. We select places with an inherent multiplier stemming from their powerful, beautiful flora and fauna, and transformative local energy. Tapping into the primordial harmony of one-of-a-kind regions, we give travelers a kaleidoscopic impression of each place in a short time. In order to ensure the best experience for all travelers, group size is limited.

Some highlights include: temple meditations, daily asana and pranayama practice, vipassana meditations, encounters with local shamans, naturopaths and spiritual brotherhoods. Over the past year we have traveled to, among other places, China, Malaysia, Bosnia, Croatia, Holland, Hong Kong. In addition to repeating certain trips, in calendar year 2019 we will be going to Nepal, Japan, the US, Taiwan et al. Please see our Calendar for detailed information.