Qi-Yo Warming up

A warming blend of basic Chinese Qi Gong and Tai-Chi, flowing chi-mnastics, and invigorating yoga asanas. This introduction serves as a tuning into the practice, drawing a line between the you before and the you during and after Qi Yo practice. This allows us to swiftly access our profound self.

Qi-Yo Qi-gong form

Qi-Yo is a YOGALEIDOSCOPE of practices, offering guidance on a journey that helps modern individuals recognize their creative identities and embrace spirituality in a constantly evolving world.

Qi-Yo Pranayama

Classic yoga breathing techniques, such as Bastrika, Kapalabati and Kundalini breathing as well as unique Balinese breathing and Ecstatic breathing techniques from Sufism, transcendental meditation, Osho and Gurjieff, and breathing used in ancient traditions, such as Taoism, Sufism and shamanic practices.