Qi-Yo in China

14 - 16 December you can join us for a retreat in China! In our retreats and workshops we teach you the principles of Qi-Yo yoga and providing you with information from different perspectives and philosophies. We give you keywords as inspiration to educate yourself, connect the dots and awaken the master within. 



Qi-Yo is a multiversal approach that integrates yoga, Gi-Gong, Tai-chi, shamanic Balinese healing and other holistic modalities to unleash personal transformation and foster creative expression. Being versed in different wisdom traditions, every soul gets empowered to set free from imposed societal norms and limitations and live up to one’s highest potential. 

Together we open an experimental field without dogmas that is created by each person or group, evolves constantly and welcomes everybody's inner wisdom and point of view. If you choose, you can have lifelong support and guidance by the teachers and join our worldwide Multiversal community. Not to make you dependent or to be part of a cult, but to create a worldwide network of awakened masters.


What to expect:

- 3 days program
- Qi-Yo warm up and Qi-gong form
- Qi-Yo Sun salutations
- Qi-Yo Pranayama sequence
- Yoga asanas and personal sequence 
- Concentration and visualisation techniques
- Qi-Yo healing and protection techniques
- Qi-Yo chakra healing techniques
- Mantra, chanting and music
- Relaxation 

3 Days Retreat 


Location: Lake Cottage Nature & Art Village (Conghua-Guangzhou, China)

靜修地點: 湖廬自然藝術空間(中國廣州從化)

 Date: 14 – 16 Dec (3 Days 2 Nights)

日期: 12月14日至12月16日(三日兩夜)

Price: RMB5500 / HKD6200 (2-3 people sharing a room)

費用: RMB5500 / HKD6200 (2-3人一套房)

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CONTACT to apply:

Hong Kong Contact: 
Anandaida Wellness Home 
Phoebe Ng 
Email: phoebeng0128@outlook.com 
Phone/WhatsApp: +852 91514281



Anandaida Wellness Home 
Phoebe Ng 
Email: phoebeng0128@outlook.com 
Phone/WhatsApp: +852 91514281



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