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Qi-Yo 200hr Teacher Training

Vilcabamba , Ecuador | 15 Jan. - 14 Feb. 2019


Start your 2019 by giving yourself the nurturing gift of a Multiversal yoga and Qi Gong training In the Valley of Longevity, in southern Ecuador, Vilcabamba. Just another of a thousand beautiful Andean villages, this community of about 4,000 people is today one of the hottest destinations for outsiders seeking their own little piece of heaven. The town, of affordable goods and productive soils, promises new and long life. Vilcabamba has become an uncanny magnet and New Age watering hole for soul-searchers dabbling in everything from agriculture to shamanism to hallucinogens. 


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The Qi-Yo Multiversal Yoga teacher training employs a signature approach to educating students that stresses the need for personal resetting - while gaining a holistic outlook on yoga, as a path of personal and collective transformation. 

Within the set structure of breathing techniques, Qi Gong routines and asana flows, the program unleashes student’s creativity, drawing a personal map for eradicating negative habits and clearing karmic blockages. As students master the basics of the energetic body, including chakras, bandhas, shariras, koshas and grantis, they are able to enhance their aura and expand their electromagnetic field for healing, and protection. 

Students not only learn to practice a wide arsenal of kriya (cleansing) techniques drawing on ancient Vedic, Taoist, Sufi, Buddhist and shamanic practices, including Kundalini yoga, Zen, Mindfulness, whirling meditation and purifying rituals, but also have the opportunity to alter their habitual frame of mind, and set their spirit free. 

The personal transformation goes hand in hand with the mastering of the yogic tools for physical, mental and emotional balance. Special emphasis goes to carving personal space for inner growth and maturation in a group setting, through guided meditations and psychic readings. These sessions provide deep insight on the individual’s path as a teacher and empath, and an accurate karmic diagnostic on the patterns - imposed by societal norms, family and relationships that each one has to release.  

From the introductory level of learning the yoga and Qi-Gong basics students have the rare chance to experience the special BIO-PULSAR activation at the next levels of learning. A unique opportunity to trigger their blueprint code and rise to their fullest potential.  

The Qi-Yo multiversal format pulls students out of their comfort zone, and ingrained beliefs and ushers them into a space of expanded possibility where they can access their highest code, and gain insight about their true calling. For this reason the Teacher Training Programs are always held in alternate environments enshrined by power sites, and energy vortices that activate the students’ source code, and lead to self discovery. 

The Qi-Yo method challenges existing template-based teacher training programs that usually tend to format instructors, instead of cultivating teachers that are confident and knowledgeable in their craft and empathetic in their approach to others.  

The outcome of the training hones teachers, empaths and healers that are harbingers of the new horizons – leaving them with a practical and esoteric toolkit on how to deepen their personal practice, and offer their service as teachers and guides. 

And instead of summoning people to join the next yoga-branded club, Qi-Yo is the call to action that gathers the collective yoga tribe. A tribe that has nurtured the light divine for centuries and millennia, and continues to illuminate people’s paths today.

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During the program you will have personal attention and receive a personal asana sequence based on your physical and mental condition. If you choose, you can have lifelong support and guidance by the teachers and join the worldwide Multiversal community. Not to make you dependent or to be part of a cult, but to create a worldwide network of awakened masters. 




  • 200-hour teacher training

  • Daily Yoga & Qi-Gong

  • Lectures on a broad variety of subjects

  • Your personal asana sequence

  • Concentration and visualisation techniques

  • Qi-Yo healing and protection techniques

  • Mantra, chanting and sound healing

  • Open your energy channels

  • Collecting Chi from nature

  • Introduction to local geomantic energy vortexes

  • Visiting beaches, caves and sacred sites

  • Local & healthy food choices

  • Personal attention

  • Life long support and assistance

  • Member of the Multiversal community

  • Acces to a global network of ecotourism

  • International Yoga Alliance diploma titled: Teacher of Yoga (International Yoga Alliance diploma) and Level 1 Qi-Gong Certificate 

What to aspect

  • Amazing mountain hikes, pristine nature, mystical sites and waterfalls .

  • Visit permaculture projects, local food and traditions.

  • Horse rides.

  • Daily practice of Yoga, Qi gong, meditation and chanting.

  • Relaxation, sound and healing therapy.

  • Learn how to collect your personal Chi (life energy).

  • Understand how to protect yourself from toxic emotions, thoughts and external influences.

  • Raise your Frequency and Energy Levels.

  • Detoxify and activate your body, mind and spirit




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Vilcabamba, Ecuador
All Rights to change the Program it's on Qi Yo International LLC


3600 € 


  • Accommodation

  • Daily Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga Training

  • Digital books and course materials

  • Vegetarian food

  • One month accommodations

  • Certification by the International Yoga Alliance (upon successful completion of course)


  • Transportation to and off Airport

  • Oval Yoga matt

  • Anything not listed Above

How to register

  1. Schedule an interview over the video call With the main Teachers of the Program by E-Mail at:

  2. Completed Questionary (will be e-mailed to you)

  3. Copy of Your Passport (photo page)

  4. Signed Waiver (will be sent to your decide to register)

  5. Submitted registration deposit of 1000€

Certification and credits

Upon Successful completion of the course students receive a certificate of the International Multiversal Yoga society titled: Teacher of Yoga. This training is registered by and fulfills the requirements for which graduates of the program are invited to register. Also, a level 1 Qi-Gong Certificate will be Guaranteed.

What you will learn: