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Qi-Yo 200hr Teacher Training

Bosnian valley of the Pyramids | 3 - 28 September 2018


If you are looking for a unique life-altering month at the foot of the pyramid, don’t miss to enroll into Qi-Yo’s 200-hour one-month intensive teacher training. You will get an introduction into geomantic energy vortices in a sacred place where researchers, spiritual scientists, media, healers and locals meet to build a new world bending ancient tradition to contemporary issues. 

You will experience your magnetic field, learn how to shield yourself and harness power from the Earth’s ley lines, the energy web of our planet. Meditating and practicing inside the pyramids, led by a guide will give you a mental reset and a spiritual reboot. Extensive research on site will validate the experiments and help you put your spiritual practice into perspective. You will get personal attention and a customized routine just for you, combining asana, breathing, energy work, mantra  and meditation to enhance and deepen your practice. 

Don’t miss this unique chance to learn from a global network of esoteric pioneers and masters in a sacred place where the ancient clock is still ticking, and the biggest discoveries are yet to come. 


About Qi-Yo

Qi-Yo is a multiversal approach that integrates yoga, Gi-Gong, Tai-chi, shamanic Balinese healing and other holistic modalities to unleash personal transformation and foster creative expression. Being versed in different wisdom traditions, every soul gets empowered to set free from imposed societal norms and limitations and live up to one’s highest potential. 

Multiversal Yoga is a practical and spiritual toolkit that allows you to connect the dots between the natural, the human and the divine – giving you the freedom for personal experience, practice and development. 




  • 200-hour teacher training
  • Daily Yoga & Qi-Gong
  • Lectures on a broad variety of subjects
  • Your personal asana sequence
  • Concentration and visualisation techniques
  • Qi-Yo healing and protection techniques
  • Mantra, chanting and sound healing
  • Open your energy channels
  • Collecting Chi from nature
  • Introduction to local geomantic energy vortexes
  • Visiting pyramids, tunnels and megaliths
  • Part of research and experiments
  • Local & healthy food choices
  • Personal attention
  • Life long support and assistance
  • Member of the Multiversal community
  • Acces to a global network of pioneers
  • International Yoga Alliance diploma titled: Teacher of Yoga (International Yoga Alliance diploma) and Level 1 Qi-Gong Certificate

What to aspect

  • Amazing Ancient Pyramids, tunnels and megaliths. 
  • Beautiful nature, local food and traditions. 
  • Daily Practice of Yoga, Qi gong, meditation and chanting.  
  • Relaxation, sound and healing therapy.
  • Learn how to collect your personal Chi (life energy).
  • Understand how to protect yourself from toxic emotions, thoughts and external influences.
  • Raise your Frequency and Energy Levels.
  • Detoxify and activate your body, mind and spirit

During weekend and free time, we would visit the pyramids, Megalithic stone balls, enter the tunnels, its healing chambers and fulfill ourselves with the energy emitting from these ancient structures. 

Whatch here videos to gain more insights:

The Bosnian valley of the Pyramids

Pyramids, tunnels and huge stone balls in Bosnia

Ancient messages from the pyramids

The pyramid speaks



Watch video

Visoko, Bosnia, EU
All Rights to change the Program it's on Qi Yo International LLC


2000 € for Student NOT requiring Accommodation
3500 € for student requiring accommodation (share rooms)
4000 € for student in Individual room


  • Daily Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga Training
  • Digital books and course materials
  • Certification by the International Yoga Alliance (upon successful completion of course)
  • Transportation to and of Sarajevo Airport
  • Basic food
  • One month accommodations



  • Oval Yoga Matt
  • Food
  • Anything not listed Above

How to register

  1. Schedule an interview over the video call With the main Teachers of the Program by E-Mail at:
  2. Completed Questionary (will be e-mailed to you)
  3. Copy of Your Passport (photo page)
  4. Signed Waiver (will be sent to your decide to register)
  5. Submitted registration deposit of 1000€

Certification and credits

Upon Successful completion of the course students receive a certificate of the International Multiversal Yoga society titled: Teacher of Yoga. This training is registered by and fulfills the requirements for which graduates of the program are invited to register. Also, a level 1 Qi-Gong Certificate will be Guaranteed.