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Qi-Yo 200hr Teacher Training

Baja California, Mexico | 1 - 24 December 2018


End your 2018 by giving yourself the nurturing gift of a Multiversal yoga and Qi Gong training on the beautiful second largest peninsula of Baja California in Mexico. 1200 KM of wild and the most beautiful beaches, pristine nature,  mystical red deserts capes, deep canyon and remote caves of the ancient Indians. Baja is a leading ecotourism region and offers a great network of projects and likeminded people seeking to create genuine alternatives. Join us for one month on this mystical peninsula to open up for the unlimited possibilities of yourself.         

Multiversal yoga is not a form and due to everybody’s own expression. Qi-Yo yoga is the fruit of Agung Sangha and is conceived in 1996 under the umbrella of Multiversal yoga. The Qi-Yo system allows anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, the ability to reduce stress, gain flexibility and open energy channels. Qi-Yo unites Qi-gong, martial arts and ancient balinese practises with yoga. It can be a way to tune your body like a musical instrument, to play in harmony with the universe. The practice can assist you to explore your potential, allow your body to heal itself and others, or to discover your own personal unique yoga and awaken the master within.

During the program you will have personal attention and receive a personal asana sequence based on your physical and mental condition. If you choose, you can have lifelong support and guidance by the teachers and join the worldwide Multiversal community. Not to make you dependent or to be part of a cult, but to create a worldwide network of awakened masters.  

Qi-Yo’s purpose is to offer a broad view of the world’s esoteric heritage via an open approach that melds extant spiritual knowledge into a single, unified system. Qi-Yo offers a mental and physical approach that aims to instil a life-improving practice to unify the basic traditions of human knowledge, for the benefit of the practitioners and of all mankind. This system helps people find a connection to the global esoteric heritage from ancient times to present day, Chinese and Indian yogic systems as well as a synthesis of other methods to help you elevate your consciousness.




  • 200-hour teacher training
  • Daily Yoga & Qi-Gong
  • Lectures on a broad variety of subjects
  • Your personal asana sequence
  • Concentration and visualisation techniques
  • Qi-Yo healing and protection techniques
  • Mantra, chanting and sound healing
  • Open your energy channels
  • Collecting Chi from nature
  • Introduction to local geomantic energy vortexes
  • Visiting beaches, caves and sacred sites
  • Local & healthy food choices
  • Personal attention
  • Life long support and assistance
  • Member of the Multiversal community
  • Acces to a global network of ecotourism
  • International Yoga Alliance diploma titled: Teacher of Yoga (International Yoga Alliance diploma) and Level 1 Qi-Gong Certificate

What to aspect

  • Amazing beaches, pristine nature and mystical sites. 
  • Ancient caves, local food and traditions.
  • Hiking in the mountains, medicine ceremonies.
  • Daily Practice of Yoga, Qi gong, meditation and chanting.  
  • Relaxation, sound and healing therapy.
  • Learn how to collect your personal Chi (life energy).
  • Understand how to protect yourself from toxic emotions, thoughts and external influences.
  • Raise your Frequency and Energy Levels.
  • Detoxify and activate your body, mind and spirit.




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Baja California, Mexico
All Rights to change the Program it's on Qi Yo International LLC


3600 € 


  • Accomodation 
  • Daily Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga Training
  • Digital books and course materials
  • Vegan/vegitarian Food
  • One month accommodations
  • Transportation from and to airport
  • Certification by the International Yoga Alliance (upon successful completion of course)


  • Oval Yoga matt
  • Anything not listed Above

How to register

  1. Schedule an interview over the video call With the main Teachers of the Program by E-Mail at:
  2. Completed Questionary (will be e-mailed to you)
  3. Copy of Your Passport (photo page)
  4. Signed Waiver (will be sent to your decide to register)
  5. Submitted registration deposit of 1000€

Certification and credits

Upon Successful completion of the course students receive a certificate of the International Multiversal Yoga society titled: Teacher of Yoga. This training is registered by and fulfills the requirements for which graduates of the program are invited to register. Also, a level 1 Qi-Gong Certificate will be Guaranteed.