14 Days of Complete Cultural Immersion: A Family Yoga Retreat in Japan


Educate and balance yourself with the power of Qi-Yo. Learn awareness, experience relaxation.

5–18 JULY 2019 | JAPAN

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the age-old chore of planning your family holiday. This is good time to consider a new retreat we are offering for the entire family or any combination of father & child or mother & child. This is a great chance for the family to reconnect while seeing the best of old and new Japan.

Available to us will be seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other locally-sourced produce from farmers throughout Wakayama prefecture. The onsite juice stand will have freshly squeezed orange and peach juice. We will also offer various cultural immersion activities. Inhabited by thousand-year-old trees, Yakushima, a subtropical island off the Southern coast of Kyushu, will share its heavenly landscapes, allowing us to relax and become one with nature.

The entire group will be encouraged to join in the many classes on offer, such as chopstick making, folk dance, singing, Japanese cooking for children, language classes (English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian), yoga and meditation classes, pantomime, and music for healing.

The great amalgam of modern and traditional Japan will delight you in Wakayama, Osaka and Kyoto. This destination is rich in temples and shrines as well as hip cafés and world-class museums. It is a wonderful journey through Japan, which everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

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