Qi-Yo Multiversal Yoga 


About Qi-Yo

Qi-Yo is a multiversal approach that integrates yoga, Gi-Gong, Tai-chi, shamanic Balinese healing and other holistic modalities to unleash personal transformation and foster creative expression. Being versed in different wisdom traditions, every soul gets empowered to set free from imposed societal norms and limitations and live up to one’s highest potential. 

Multiversal Yoga is a practical and spiritual toolkit that allows you to connect the dots between the natural, the human and the divine – giving you the freedom for personal experience, practice and development. 

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Qi-Yo Philosophy

Qi-Yo practices emphasize the liberating of the individual from mind control, imposed programming and social media manipulation - helping tap latent creativity to gain insight and clarity. Relinquishing all frames, debunking all myths, and shedding all masks, we are free to experience our truest and most authentic selves. The multiversal concept of unity and divine reciprocity underlies the principles of Qi-Yo. 

The various practices strip the being from the external stuff to tap the essence, where every individual is whole and complete. Instead of fitting into a mould or constantly fixing ourselves, we are free to experience our full earthly embodiment – our body being our vehicle for our unique self-expression and inner genius.  Free of labels and forms, unencumbered by rules and norms we invite higher guidance to be happy and free. 

All arts of yoga invite the highest self to come in, stripping the ego and suspending the mental chatter. In that quiet space of omniscience, we are ready to glimpse our world in a multiverse of galaxies and to fathom the unity of all creation. Living in love and unity here and now, free of any confines, judgments and prejudices, un-hooked to the quick fix and rapid results, we can experience our wholeness. We are the link in the chain of this unbroken wholeness. The journey is our world –within and without. The destination is our self.  

Qi-Yo origin


Multiversal yoga is not a yoga label or a brand. It is an open interactive spiritual space for awakening one’s own expression. “Qi-Yo” was founded by Agung Sangha in 1996 as a multiversal form of Yoga. Integrating Yoga, Qi-Gong and Balinese shamanism, he was initiated into the idea of creating “a multiversal sangha” –a shared hub where all souls, regardless of race, age, gender, and physical ability could hone their instruments. 

A customized practice, uniquely tailored to your needs Qi-Yo will help you explore your potential, release stress, gain flexibility, and open up energy channels to promote deep healing. Opening up to unimagined possibilities YOU are able to re-imagine yourself and your world. 


Qi-Yo class: