A Qi-Yo class is a circle of unbroken wholeness. It starts from energetic alignment, builds into asanas, and morphs into a deep state of relaxation, aiming to focus the mind, nourish our cells, and connect us to our well of power and inspiration. 

The attunement stage draws on the Taoist principle of Tai-chi and ushers us into a state of energetic awareness. Free from quotidian patterns, we can experience our subtle body. A flowing warm-up, rooted in classical Qi Gong, preps us for the rigorous asana practice. 

The asana flow emphasizes sacred geometry and states of consciousness to tune into and connect with our innermost self. 

Breathing techniques from Vedic, Taoist, and Sufi sources, as well as shamanic purging, awaken our creative energy, clearing chakras and strengthening our aura. The highlight of Qi-Yo pranayama is the Balinese practice of unifying the 8 forces – Sandhi Murti with a special emphasis on Mantra Chakra, an ancient blend of Shivaism and Buddhism unique to indigenous Balinese spirituality. 

The unique Qi-Yo mantra menu includes bhajans and japa meditation in Pali, Basa Bali, and Sanskrit. Coupled with intense pranayama, it generates a dense energetic armor encompassing the aura, enhancing defense systems and etheric shielding. 

A nourishing sound bath relaxation pairs Nada Yoga with Tibetan singing bowl sessions to help seal the benefits of the practice – resetting the mind, shielding the body, and opening the heart to vibrational healing.

Qi-Yo meditations incorporate yantras, mantras and creative visualization, and run in a duetics flow – balancing ying and yang energy to arrive at the point of Tai-chi – The Great Threshold. Practiced in pairs, duetics facilitates energy release, as we engage energy locks, activate sheaths and centers, and balance our aura. The synergistic flow culminates in group meditations aimed at harmony and interdependence. 

Qi-Yo Sangha is a buzzing hive in which each soul is a holographic sum of its parts, equally precious and indispensable to the collective good of all.    

Qi-Yo offers a creative lab for self-exploration. Music, painting, dancing, singing, and writing become outlets for creative expression as we unleash our imagination and re-wild our hearts. The emphasis is on extracting versus acquiring knowledge, as we peel back layers of false identity and reveal our truest self.


Sound healing & ceremony: