our Mission

  • We seek to combine ancient knowledge, modern methods, and personal experience in order to empower your transformation.

  • We would like to share with you our wide-eyed, multiversal vision of the world; to inspire you to seek your more flexible, multi-faceted self; to unleash your inner dreamer and doer; to activate your inner satguru; to give you the tools of independence from the mainstream.

  • Staying close to yogic & martial arts traditions, incorporating the local culture, we leave our comfort zone at home, open ourselves to change, and always strive for authenticity and flexibility.

  • We want you to feel excited and safe undergoing spiritual and physical renewal with us, and so we offer personal, customized attention to the physical, mental, and emotional planes of each student.  

Come with us on a journey of learning, renewal, questioning limits, and transformation!


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