Qi-Yo Sound Healing

utilizes Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls to restore discordant and diseased parts of the body, mind, and soul. The pure sonic waves work at the minutest levels to synchronize our brainwaves with the perfect resonance of the bowls. The deep, relaxing, and purifying copper tones purge the body’s cells, stimulate the organs, and nourish the glands – clearing disruptive frequencies, while promoting self-regulation and regeneration.

Qi-Yo Pulsar Initiation

Qi-Yo Pulsar is a spiritual initiation into reclaiming your authenticity by uniting with the pulse of the Earth and the throb of the Universe. Alchemical healing, power breathing, sacred geometry, ritual music, and dance meet to help you shed your masks, lift your veil, and retrieve your soul-print. The initiation draws on various shamanic and neopagan traditions to induce deep purging, elicit insight, and spark your genius. Get ready to enact your wildest dreams and manifest your boldest visions!

Qi-Yo Ceremonial Magic


is a series of individual and group rituals led by urban shaman Johan Herder and aimed at strength, purification, clarity, and direction. The rituals use yogic, pagan, and shamanic tools to elicit higher states of consciousness, helping students tap further into their essence, and open up to higher guidance.

The special Kambo rituals and Daime ceremonies are a powerful medicine-wheel purgatory that uses the secretion of an Amazonian tree frog, as well as selected Amazonian plants, to speed up the body’s detoxification through the different physical, etheric, astral, mental, and causal layers – flushing toxic residue and stripping away imposed mental constructs that veil our true belonging and hinder authentic self-expression.


Qi-Yo teacher training: