Reason why I wanted to become a yoga teacher is very simple – I just want to know so much about yoga and you just can’t get all this knowledge on regular yoga classes so becoming a yoga teacher was a natural decision for me. I did my first teacher training couple of years ago – I had no other choice, really. After years of living in Zagreb and one year of doing yoga, I had to go back to my home town in Eastern Croatia (I found a job there). The problem was – there was no yoga studio there and I was already hooked on yoga. I had only one choice – I had to do a yoga teacher training in Zagreb (in a period of year and a half, one intensive weekend every month; that was for me the only way I could have teacher supervising me).
— Magdalena Dosen, Croatia

Yoga completely transformed my life by eliminating many of the sources of my suffering. It helped me to overcome serious illness, depression, and low self-esteem and replace self-hate and self-doubt with confidence and passion. I have been profoundly changed because of my experience with yoga, and I want to be able to share the incredible healing power of yoga with others. Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga teacher Training helped me deepen my understanding of yoga and enhanced my personal practice and improved my teaching skills so that I can offer meaningful and effective yoga knowledge to the world.
— Nicole Woyak, California

Qi Yo multiversal yoga is approach to yoga that is versatile and that could be done by anyone. It is dynamic and synthesizes many practices. This is beneficial in our ever-changing globalizing, fast-paced world.
— Laura Sniderman, Qi Yo Student

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— Stephanie, Philippines

Qi Yo Yoga is a blend of many practices in a yogaleidoscopic blend of learning, where the Supreme source of knowledge complements all paths and nothing is seen as right or wrong.
— Naradi Jacobs, Qi Yo Yoga Student

What a life changing experience! I so happy to have met Ariadne and Agung. They have truly opened my eyes and taught me so much. I am so thankful for the time you took to teach me and help me grow while overcoming some personal obstacles. I have really learned so much about myself and life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Nicole Hauk, Qi Yo Yoga student

What’s most inspiring is Swami Agung’s complete physical control yet sense of ease in advanced asana practice. A beautiful example of how a challenging series can be accomplished with peace and serenity. This is the true subtle power of yoga, union of mind with body and spirit. Thank you, Swami Agung and Ariadne for giving me a glimpse of this wonderful Qi-Yo system. I look forward to learning more.
— Malaika Butoyi, Santa Monica, CA

Thank you very much again for all the teaching, knowledge, experience, and inspiration you shared and gave to us. Thank you for your generosity to let us be Qi-Yo teachers. I know the cosmic law will bring you back what you gave to us!
— Friederike, Auroville

Much love and Gratitude for the great knowledge and wonderful experience you have shared with us during your stay in Auroville. We miss you very very much!!! AUM
— Viktoria, Auroville

Just ten days of daily gentle training and the body feels stronger, lighter, simply finds its balance in the postures that seemed difficult last week… the body feels grateful! thank you!!! Qi-Yo practice and your teaching it is great!
— Ila Zadrozny, Human Design Teacher

We welcome Qi-Yo and Swami Agung to Yofi India. We are excited to help make your program a grand success.”
— CK Ashok Kumar, Yofi chain of Spas and Holistic Centers, India

I’m so happy to find a practice that blends many strands together
to create a deeply meaningful experience every time I practice. I love that Qi yo embodies unity and honors many traditions.
— Alexandra Weaverling, Yogi and musician, New York, NY

Both Qi Gong and Yoga have a lot to offer as independent esoteric systems, but together it’s magic. Taking the time to delve into the energetic fields in and around you through the Qi exercises is a beautiful way to tune your instrument, creating an entirely different experience through an asana practice from beginning to end. Because the effects have been so clear and so powerful SO quickly, (in just in a few weeks time!) I am wildly curious as to what else will unfold along the way. Swami Agung is a wealth of information and a loving, compassionate, practiced teacher. It’s truly a blessing to have been introduced to Qi-Yo. Love and Light.
— Renee

Most of the countries that I have lived in, there has rarely been a yoga teacher, so yoga sessions were a group of friends getting together to watch a dvd or stubble through diagrams in books. If teachers were around it was only temporary. When I moved to Solomon Islands I decided to guide some friends through a yoga session one day and realized that I loved the whole experience not only “teaching” (in the loosest possible use of the word) them but also the study I did before each class, so that I could explain in more detail about the asanas.
— Suz Neave

In my life I follow a sacred thread. Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga teacher training helped me to focus my energy for healing and to cultivate a practice that is good for me and potentially good for others who have pain and need to be met with compassion and encouragement in a yoga class. Yoga these days is often a fitness class which many people do not come to because they feel inhibited by pain or insecurity that they will be embarrassed by their struggle. My goal as a teacher is to be a yoga teacher who knows how to create a class which is gentle yet powerful. My goal as a student is to heal and transform my mind, body, spirit
— Julie Amriti Duffy, USA

” I felt that I want to go deeper into all paths of Yoga and Qi Yo is very interesting and fascinating for me! The synthesis of different ancient paths is fantastic and enrichment to the world. I would like to bring this into other peoples lives too. it is a 21st century discipline of Qi Gong & Yoga, which deserves to be spread
— Doris Richter, Switzerland

Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga helped me remember ancient knowledge that has been forgotten. It helped me awaken and uncover what is buried deep within my soul to perfect my Being
— Geno Skoff, Virgin Islands

I like the freedom that we are not focused on positions all the time, but on more subtle layers. I also like that there is vedic philosophy incorporated in the system.
— Nara Hari, Yoga Student

I have been practicing Qi-Yo regularly for five years.
The practice has made me physically stronger and more balanced, more aware energetically and more sensitive spiritually. It has helped me develop as a person, given structure to my regular activities, and pushed me to think about my life and our world in many unexpected and ultimately productive/creative ways. There are many self-improvement systems out there. I can say from prolonged personal experience that this one provides a synthesis of knowledge and practice that can take anyone to the higher level they envision for themselves.
— Gennady, Founder of Storied, Inc

Practicing Qi-Yo for several years has helped me tremendously with my personal growth both on physical and spiritual level. The unique mixture of Qi-life energy tuning and the power of traditional yoga asanas creates an amazing healing effect to one’s body and mind. I feel blessed to know and work with the founder and teacher Swami Agung
— Peter Petrov, Wellness Health Practitioner and Qi-Yo student

I took Qi Yo Yoga’s 200 hrs Yoga Teacher training in Spain in August 2013. The experience became a revelation for me! It gave me new perspectives of seeing (viewing) my inner self as the universal Self. I would like to combine my medical specialty with practicing and teaching yoga.
— Elina Figler, Phd

I received many tools. It was an intensive training. I learned a lot
— Blanca Carbonell Bernado